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Two Way Trainer

Typical two-sided stand-up version 43" high, 48" wide, 30" deep and 40" deck height.
九方棋牌官网 This typical stand up unit has work areas for two people and will work well in post offices, science labs, layaway desks, and many other applications where upper shelves are not necessary

Single Sided Work Station

Typical single-sided sit-down version 54" high, 48" wide, 24" deep and a 30" deck height.

  九方棋牌官网This typical unit is minimalistic in design, yet it remains a versatile unit.  When connecting multiple runs of the configuration, it is designed for bit not limited to computer labs, training rooms, and call centers.

Madix Corner Work Stations

typical corner work station are available with double-sided back, can be set up in 6 different configurations with a pencil drawer, locking drawer, mobile pedestal file.

Custom colors, laminates, and fabrics to meet your specific needs.

Office Storage Cabinets

Deluxe Office Storage Cabinet

3 Drawer Office Storage Cabinet

2 Drawer File Cabinet

Multi-Person Configuration Schematic Suggestions

Available Colors




Mist Gray



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