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Four Way Gondola

Four Way Gondola 

this versatile madix four way display display fixture shelf gives maximum exposure to impulse items. panel frames are slotted to accept all madix standard shelves or accessories. the laminated or carpeted deck is 5" high, plus the deck has 't' mold edge to match kick plate.  shelves not included.

square top cap between panels is the same finish as the panel frames. unit ships assembled. add $107.95 for pallet jack kick plate and $239.10 for locking casters.

Four way display is a great store fixture designed especially to display all types of merchandise for all types of stores such as: Hardware Store, Clothing Store, Beauty Supply Store, Convenience Store, Retail Store, Grocery Store, Pet Store, Toy Store, and more.

42"(square base) = 24"(panel width)
48"(square base) = 30"(panel width)
54"(square base) = 36"(panel width)

Includes Hardboard or Pegboard Backs in Standard Colors
Add $107 for Optional Forklift Base - $210 for Locking Casters
九方棋牌官网 Maximum shelf depth is 12" Ships unassembled

Maximum shelf depth is 12"
Ships unassembled

Four Way Display Shelving

Tag molding is integrally formed into the front edge
Standard Color: Sahara
Optional Colors: Call 800 619 9566

Pallet Jack Base

Total maximum load capacity is 1500 lbs.
Based evenly distributes static load.

Is this a great idea for movable displayers?

Tubeline Quad Display

The Quad Four Way Display features easy snap together assembly in a highly functional four way display with a range of available sizes. The perfect freestanding display solution for any space. Unit ships unassembled and will accept both the Tube Line Upper Shelves [TLMS-(NW)(ND)] and the Madix Standard Upper Shelves [SUS-(NW)(ND)], sold separately. The unit can be ordered with either hardboard or pegboard backs. The 1" OC slotted frames include levelers. The Quad Display has a 1,500 lb. capacity based on an evenly distributed static load.

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九方棋牌官网four way display

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