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Gondola Wall Shelving

Gondola Wall Shelving 

九方棋牌官网will transform any wall retail space into a well utilized merchandising  space with storage space on the top of the fixture.

Wall Storage Space 

九方棋牌官网with upper shelves placed in the very top slots, the top of the wall fixture will be flat from the front of the upper shelf all the way to the back of the fixture.  this configuration will create storage space of the entire depth of the upper shelf plus the almost 3" depth of the uprights.  a 6" front fence as well as dividers on the sides of the shelf can be added to help contain what ever is stored on the top of the fixture.  straps and netting can also be added to help prevent stored merchandise from falling off of the top of the fixture

九方棋牌官网the wall gondola shelving is comprised with the same components as the double sided gondola shelving with the base shelves and upper shelves on one side of the shelving fixture.

Half Gondola Shelving Section Pricing

Pricing per 3 foot or 4 foot sections
九方棋牌官网 All pricing with hardboard back on our most popular sizes and Base Deck Shelves

all sections and ends include uprights, backs, lower shelves, kick plates, shoes, and shoe covers.  shelves are sold separately.

Gondola Upper Shelves

九方棋牌官网include but are not limited to the following

九方棋牌官网the standard depth shelves that we stock are the 12" deep to 24" deep in the black and beige color.

special order upper shelves are the 8", 10", 26",28", and the 30"

UPPER SHELVES - Larger Shelf Selection Available

Wall Liquor Shelving

Another use for single sided or Wall Gondolas is for merchandising Bottles of Liquor as it is well known that Gondola Shelving are very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. When one walks into a Liquor Store it is the standard the all of the Liquor is behind the counter on Wall Shelving.  Learn more about .

Gondola Wall Shelving

九方棋牌官网heights start at 36" and can be extended well beyond the standard height of 96" with the use of upright extensions or by special order.

the base shelf or deck starting at 12" deep and can run as deep as 30".

wall gondola shelving over the years has been a very widely used fixture designed display most any product for most any store. stores such as: hardware store, clothing store, beauty supply store, convenience store, retail store, grocery store, pet store, toy store, and more.

wall sections may also be used as end caps.

Lozier Wall Shelving

Lozier is a very popular manufacturer of Gondola Shelving. One of their lines of products is the Lozier single sided wall shelving that is assembled with the same components as the double sided Lozier Gondola Shelving. 


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